Storytelling Spots

Gravity Games 'Rocket' - Directed by Chuck Mcbride. I took all the good melodies from the classic movie, 'The Red Balloon' - just outright stole them - and put together a nice musical narrative.
Freedom Center - 'Bodega' Directed by Bob Giraldi. Good gritty footage. Bob is a total pro, he always shoots all the action of a spot from as many camera angles as he can get.
Mercedes 'Can't Believe It' - ok, not that much of a story, but where else am I gonna put this Mercedes spot?
Verizon - 'Showdown' - I just like all the dolly zooms.
Palmolive - 'Sharapova' - I'm not afraid to show 7 armpit shots in a row if that's what's best for the story.
Tylenol 'Cats in the Cradle' - Directed by Mark Pellington. That reversal film stock just looks great.
Choose Breakfast - 'Chase' Directed by Katheryn Biggelow. Before she won an Oscar for the 'Hurt Locker' she was directed 'Point Break' remember ? These spots were paid for by breakfast cereal companies and would go after a 'Trix' commercial. Like a PSA for breakfast. Brilliant.
Boost 'HS Dropouts' - Paid for by the Army to make sure enough grunts graduate to keep this man's army populated.