Classic & Award Winning Spots

Levis - 'Karaoke' I think I cut about a hundred Karaoke spots. Directed by Chuck Mcbride.
Game Show Network - 'Sputnik' - won at Cannes, Clios, D&AD and more. Directed by Roman Coppola. I think it still might be the best spot on his reel?
Dentyne Ice - 'Subway' Directed by Bob Giraldi, I just remember it played in Times Square all the time. - one of the great campaigns put out by TBWA Chiat San Francisco. They hired some other famous editor and I grabbed a copy of the dailies and cut my own spots.
Asics - 'Packing' Directed by a young Jason Reitman. He's a good guy. Hey Jason how 'bout returning that email ?
Puma - 'Cel' directed by Andrew Zuckerman this won at the D&AD
Nike Presto - 'Say No To Drug Shoes' yes, that's Weiden Creative Director Mike Byrne singing.